Permanent Cosmetics Q & A

Q. How long will it last?
A. The expected life of permanent cosmetics is 3 – 5 years at this time you will need a renewal touch-up. It does fade over time but sun exposure really speeds up the process. This is why sunscreen is recommended for the brows especially.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. You will feel a deep tickling sensation during the first pass, which only lasts seconds. At this time liquid numbing is applied and deposits into the epidermis layer of the skin. At this point you will feel nothing but the slight vibration of the hand piece being used.

Q. How long is the procedure?
A. Permanent cosmetic appointments usually last 2 hours for one area (Eyebrows, Lip Liner, or Eyeliner). Full Lip Color and Areola Reconstruction may take 2 ½ hours. This includes paperwork, pre-numbing and ice application afterwards.

Q. Will it rub off if I sweat or go swimming?
A. Once the permanent make up area has healed (2 weeks post procedure) it will not rub off if you sweat or swim. The colored pigments are placed into the epidermis and skin heals over the pigments allowing its permanence.

Q. What is the difference between permanent cosmetics and tattoos?

Permanent Cosmetics

  • Liquid iron oxide pigments
  • Numbing product used
  • Medical facility (advised)
  • Face
  • Enhances facial features

  • Ink
  • No numbing used
  • Tattoo Salon
  • Body
  • Artwork on body

Q. What is the difference between a Recent Touch Up and a Renewal Touch Up?
A. Differences are as follows:
A Recent Touch Up is the touch up you will receive 6 weeks after the original procedure. This will be a minimal cost.
A Renewal Touch Up is the touch up you will need 2 – 5 years after the original procedure in order to keep your permanent makeup looking fresh. This touch up is more costly than the Recent Touch Up due to the increased amount of work the technician has during this procedure.

*However Permanent Cosmetics are considered tattoos by industry standards.