What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning (also known as Epidermal Leveling or Blading) effectively removes the top layer of dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and radiant. Dermaplaning is done by using a #10 sterile, surgical blade at a 45% angle to scrap the surface of the skin. We pair this procedure with a Pomegranate enzyme peel. Dermaplaning is a great treatment for normal to dry skin types and can also be performed on Rosacea skin types providing exfoliation using little pressure.Dermaplaning is not recommended for oily or acne prone skin types. Directly following the Dermaplaning treatment you may resume normal activities. However we strongly suggest that you sustain from using any new products for 3 days and avoid sweating for 24 hours. Dermaplaning will improve brown spots, wrinkles and skin clarity but for a more dramatic result we recommend using professional skincare products in your home regimen. Dermaplaning may be performed every 4-6 weeks as a regular facial treatment or every 2-3 weeks for a more aggressive treatment.